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September 22, 2009

“Argument” is the magic of presentation

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One of my English students counts the day of his master’s thesis presentation as one of his harshest.  

My student had prepared his data for months. He had so much to share. But that day, he fell apart. He got nervous and tongue-tied. He just wanted to stop talking.

As he told this story, I sat and smiled. How many times have we all been in his shoes: wondering why suddenly, in the heat of a presentation, we’ve lost our way? 

Looking ahead, I went on a hunt to find the best verbal talks that rang with clarity, confidence, and vision.  

I landed at — a site full of lecture videos from the TED conference which gathers the world’s top ideas producers.  

Watching reminds us of the magic of presentations. Videos on this site transformed me on the spot.

Presentations can condense years of study into an instantaneous moment of awakening.  

Here are some tips I gathered from, for preparing your presentation.  

* Define your argument? What’s the compelling point of your talk? 

* Think phenomenally. Assuming your audience is as smart or smarter than you, in what ways can you innovate your ideas, your argument, your style? 

* Identify the great story that can ground your presentation of data and facts in human interest.  

* Be detailed and humorous. Be unafraid and challenging.  

* Ask questions and argue for bold solutions.  

* Win over you audience.

—Malena Amusa


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