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September 22, 2009

Navigate college websites like a pro

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A college website is a wonderful information tool. It is a map that can take you anywhere you want to go if you know how to read it.

Many students struggle to find needed information.  And they may not take enough time to view the website and understand how to navigate the website. Luckily, many college websites are fairly similar. 

Usually, there will be a tab called ABOUT US.  Here you can find the university history, mission and vision statements, and info about the Board of Directors. 

The ADMISSIONS tab, or PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS tab, will show you academic and admission requirements, including requirements for international students. You can also find the application form here. To apply, you can complete the application online or fill it out and mail it back later.  Most important, in the admissions section you can find tuition/fee information.

If you want to know what courses you can study there is a tab for ACADEMICS.  Here you can learn about bachelor and master degree programs available.  The academics section will often give detailed information about professors, and curriculum.  

STUDENT LIFE is where you can find information about student services, housing, cafeteria, and the library. 

If you have trouble finding  an answer, try typing that word into the search engine. Sending an email asking about a fact that is available on the website may send admisions the wrong message about your organization.    So take your time and really review the website. 

Admissions officers respond to hundreds of students a week.  Therefore, when you do need to communicate with the admissions office, ask specific well thought-out questions.   Organized information gathering and great questions will make a good impression.

—Angela Franklin


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