The Missing Piece

October 12, 2009

Studying the best & using what you got to get there

So there is action — motivators and advisors agree. Action is your best friend when it comes to planning and applying for college, or pursuing a new job opportunity.

But what else can help us secure our direction?

Well, when I talk with my English students, who are all experts in their respective fields, from politics to economics — they often mention their heroes –the people whose work they try to emulate.  Talking to my students I see the power of sharing knowledge. When we study the best performers in fields we want to pursue, we dedicate our dreams to reality.

When is the last time you’ve had a close conversation with the life of a role model?

In my own personal study of top career performers from Barack Obama to Warren Buffet, what I admire the most about their lives is how they accomplished a lot with a little. In fact, if you look at the stories of most blazing stars, prominent intellectuals, and business people — they persevered despire a lack of resources and found ways to make things work. As I do myself, I encourage you to see your every lack as an opportunity to initiate a bold plan.

Now here is an excerpt from my favorite lifestyle design blogger Tim Ferriss — he’s a global inspiration and an example of how to turn ideas to successful action. About starting your dreams without resources, he writes:

Look for dark horse role models. “I can’t start a company — I’m too old.” Coronel Sanders started KFC after 40. The excuse doesn’t hold up. Can’t compete in sports because of a bum leg? Sprinter Oscar Pistorius has no lower legs and is aiming for the Olympics. You? For each reason for inaction you come up with, ask: has anyone overcome these or worse circumstances to do what I want to do? The answer is: of course.

Embrace your lack of resources, your weaknesses.

Far from a handicap, these are often the pressure points that will take you the furthest… if you’re able to use them instead of excuse them.

Malena Amusa


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